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Lamar Electric Cooperative
SmartHub App: How to Check Your Usage

The "My Usage" feature in the SmartHub app offers our members a quick snapshot of how much energy is used, and allows members to compare that usage over time and against weather data.
Why should our members care? Tracking usage will help members determine if they are using more energy than usual, so they can make adjustments before getting an unexpectedly large bill. In addition, having access to this information can help our members make wise energy decisions.
For instructions on how to review your usage on an Android device CLICK HERE.
For instructions on how to review your usage on an Apple device CLICK HERE.

Temporary Fax Number

We have been having issues with our fax line. We have set up a temporary fax number.
If you are attempting to send us something via fax, please use 903-784-4982.

The blue is new!

We have changed the color of our regular bill to be blue and the termination notices will be red. We have done this to cause alarm to those who receive a termination notice. If you receive a blue bill, you are in good standing with Lamar Electric and you are not in danger of getting your electricity cut off. Below are what the bills will look like.Regular Bills Are Now Blue REGULAR BILLTermination Notices Will Be Red TERMINATION NOTICE

SmartHub Outage Reporting

Smart Hub Outage Reporting Instructions


How to Report an outage on the SmartHub Website

Step 1: Click the Smart Hub image to the right of this message, OR click Report an Outage to the right of this message, OR Visit and login to your account.

Step 2: Click the “My Profile” tab.

Step 3: Click the Outages link on the far left.

Step 4: Review your status. If your service location is part of a known outage, you will see a message alerting you of the known outage. You may review Past Outages by clicking the “Past Outages” tab.

Step 5: To report your outage, click “Report an Outage”. Enter any useful information about your outage in the comments field.

Step 6: Click Report Outage.


For a more detailed explanation of how to report your outage on the SmartHub website, click here for page one and click here for page two.


How to Report an outage on the SmartHub App

Step 1: Open SmartHub app and tap the Service Status icon.

Step 2: Review your status. If you are not experiencing an interruption in service, “no known issues” displays. In the event your service location has been identified as part of a known outage, “your power may be out” displays along with the date and time service was last and the affected meter number.

Step 3: To report an outage tap “my power is out”

Step 4: Tap the comments filed and add any helpful information about your service interruption.

Step 5: Tap submit. Tap “close” to return to the Service Status screen.


For a more detailed explanation of how to report your outage on the SmartHub app, click here.


St. Patrick's Day Storms

CEO JERRY WILLIAMS A word from General Manger and CEO, Jerry Williams.


Every year, on March 17, our Irish friends often celebrate by wearing green and consuming a lot of alcohol.  St. Patrick’s Day is even a public holiday in Ireland.  Whatever festivities were scheduled to occur in Lamar and Red River Counties on this day in 2016 were most likely cancelled or delayed.  Around 9 AM on March 17 the conversation turned to weather when winds exceeding 100 miles per hour swept thru Lamar County, spawning more than one small tornado.  Around our office in Paris, the sound of numerous high voltage fuses blowing could be heard as debris hit  power lines and high voltage wires started to hit the ground.  A power line fuse sounds like a shotgun blast when the fuse blows.

photo credit: Cody Bachman

It certainly looked like a super cell was upon us as we began to experience microburst of winds of over 100 miles per hour.  The attached picture will help you recognize part of the super cell.  A microburst occurs, where cooled air rushes rapidly toward the ground and then spreads out at very high speeds. Damage from microbursts can be similar to damage from tornadoes. In our case, the super cell also spun off at least two small tornados in rural areas near the county line.  If you expect the National Weather Service (NOAA or NWS) or some other group to warn of such weather in our area, you would be wrong.  The National Weather Service comments for the day were “There is a slight risk of severe thunderstorms today from East Texas to Alabama.”  There was also a comment of “Some Super Cell Structure.”


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