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Lamar Electric Cooperative
Co-op Annual Meeting Set for April 18

Lamar Electric Cooperative will hold its annual meeting Saturday, April 18, at Love Civic Center, 2025 S. Collegiate Drive in Paris.  There will be additional information in Texas Co-op Power regarding the meeting over the next few months.

Three positions on the Board of Directors are up for election each year.  This year districts 5, 6, & 7 will be voting at the annual meeting.  Members residing in districts 5, 6, & 7 who wish to be a candidate for one of the three board positions must appear in person at the main office of the cooperative and fill out a nomination form no earlier than January 18 and no later than February 17, as outlined in the co-op's bylaws.  If you are unsure of which district you live in, please refer to the district map.

The bylaws spell out the qualifications to be a board member.

Scholarships to be Awarded

This year, Lamar Electric will award six $1000 academic scholarships to students who plan to pursue an academic degree or certification from an accredited university, college, junior college, technical school, or other post secondary educational institution.  Scholarship payment will be made directly to the college, university, or school in one lump sum.  Scholarships must be used within two years of the award date.  Funds may be used for tuition, books, room and board.

Out of Power? Just Text Us!

When a big wind storm blows through or something happens that causes a major electric line outage, our telephones light up.  When several hundred people all try calling at the same time, many will get a busy signal.  We now have another way to report outages.  Just Text us.  Texting is faster and an easier way to report your power outage to.  If many folks report their outage by text, those calling in their outage will have a better chance of getting through the first time.  We know there are many members that do not Text.  By reducing the phone calls, the non-texting folks will be able to communicate with us much quicker.

Government-in-Action Youth Tour 2015

2014 YT WinnersEvery summer, two Lamar Electric-area teens are selected for a week-long trip to Washington D.C. The trip will take place June 10-19, 2015.  This unique trip will give you the opportunity to watch history come alive as you explore the museums, memorials and monuments with other students from your state.  You will meet student leaders from nearly every state and hear dynamic leaders on Youth Day.  Bottom line, you will make friendships that will last a lifetime and be part of a group that has over 50,000 alumni in every walk of life including U.S. Senators and CEOs.

Notice of 2013 Capital Credit Allocations

Lamar Electric Cooperative recently allocated 2013 Capital Credits to each member's account.

As a non-profit organization, after the end of each fiscal year, the cooperative must determine what margins were made during the year and allocate these margins to the members' equity accounts.  The margin is the revenue received in excess of all operating costs.

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